Trying To Find Balance

Monday, April 13, 2015

I really commend anyone who is able to successfully manage their blog, YouTube AND a job. How do you guys do it? It's something I've continuously struggled with ever since I started my blog. What I mean by "successfully manage" is coming up with a variety of topics for your blog and uploading a video at least once a week. It's not easy creating different content for each social platform. It would be so easy to just embed my latest YouTube video into this post and call it a day [shameless plug down below] I've always found it extremely redundant whenever I came across blogs that do that. I try to offer a little more by writing a little something whenever I link my videos because when I visit my favorite blogs, I want to read and look at beautiful photography. It drives me crazy when people just post links to their videos without writing a word so that's something I'd never do.

I need to find a way to equally divide my attention between blogging and YouTube. I feel like whenever I focus too much energy on one, I neglect the other which is never my intention. I've never been big on having an agenda. I haven't used one of those things since I was in school. I usually just plan and schedule things on the calendar on my macbook. As you can see it's not working very well. I hate getting planners after the year has started because then I'd be wasting the January-March portion of the planner. I'm currently working on a Spring lookbook for my channel so there probably won't be that many outfit posts over the next couple of weeks. I truly appreciate everyones patience while I try to find the balance between my two loves; blogging and YouTube.

Below is a very long video of my final thoughts on a TON of beauty products I've used up over the past couple of months. I personally really enjoy these Empties videos on YouTube because you get more of true review after you've used up the entire thing. You've been warned! Grab a snack and always watch in HD for optimal viewing. :)

If you have mastered the art of balancing, do share your secrets!

xo, m.



  1. I really commend you on trying to keep each of your platform's content new. I know many bloggers that simply blogs about the same stuff on their vlogs, or like you said post a video on youtube as their blog post. But I think that when you're out of idea, it's best to have a list of things that you're interested in. I find that for blog platform, you have a little more freedom to share ideas and rants and point out specifics while in videos, the editing takes up so much work that it's best to focus that on something that you reallyyyyy want to show.

    Goodluck girl!



    1. Thank you so much girl! I try :) Even though the audience for my blog is slightly different from my channel I think it would be pointless for me to post the same content everywhere. There would be no reason to visit my blog if I did that. I totally agree! There's definitely a greater freedom of expression through blogging. You can convey so much more through writing. With videos, you need to be a lot more concise and straight to the point. xo

  2. I know what you mean, how do people find time to really manage it all?? And love seeing your clear drawer full of makeup, it's so organized (which I love) and it looks like you have so many options! I love watching people's empties too! It means so much when you finish a whole product and you still love it. I used the black bottle boscia and I loved it! And love your lipstick that you were wearing in the whole video! Those shampoo and conditioners are great to know, I really need to switch out my shampoo/conditioner routine and those are good ones to start experimenting with!

    Characters & Carry-ons

    1. Thanks girl! They're great for organizing your makeup! I feel like when I have everything hidden in drawers I end up forgetting about them, def makes it easier to reach for when you can see exactly what you have. I've tried that cleanser! I like that it feels warm when you pump it onto your hands but that feeling doesn't last long. Thank you so much for watching love! xo