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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This is the easily my favorite makeup look. Mainly because this is the simplest easiest eye look ever and I can wear any lip color with it. It takes no time at all so it's perfect for the girl on the go, the girl who overslept, the girl who's too lazy to do her makeup and the girl who can't be bothered with makeup in the morning after a long night. Pretty much anyone, really.

Shadow Breakdown:
White chocolate as an all over base over my primer so the shadows you use apply and blend better
Salted caramel buffed into the crease
Triple fudge for the liner [decided to go for a softer wing today]
Stila 'kitten' all over my lids

 This makeup look is so perfect for Spring because it's fresh and minimal. It's not always necessary to wear a million colors on your eyes for your makeup to look good. Let's say you want to grab a drink with your girls or bae after work... you can easily turn this into a night look by taking any dark matte shade and popping it into your outer v, BAM you're good to go!

I wanted to go for a softer wing today so I used triple fudge from the chocolate bar palette for my wing in place of my gel liner. I used an angled brush to draw out my wing then I went in with a pencil brush to blend it out to a soft fade. Excuse the lack of lashes on my lower lash line... click here to find out how it happened. :(

How intense does that mistinguette blush look?! As you can see it doesn't appear that bright. It's all a matter of how it's applied. You have to be extremely gentle and light handed when it comes to blush, unless you're going for that look. This NARS one night stand cheek palette has to be one of my best makeup purchases ever! I've been using it to death and it has lasted me forever. It was well worth the money because a single blush from NARS goes for $30. It's smaller than the regular blushes but I don't even mind because I've never finished a blush before in my life. I highly recommend that you guys pick it up over the holidays if NARS decides to do another cheek palette this year. I skipped the holiday 2014 palette because I haven't even hit pan on any of these blushes yet. Talk about self control! Trust me, it was extremely tempting. 

I absolutely LOVE this Stila shimmer duo! Anything that's multi purpose, I'm all over it. I used kitten on my lids and as a cheekbone highlight on top of Benefit Watt's Up. I wish you could see it more in these photos. It just gives you the softest prettiest glow... so in love with this highlighting combo! 

I've been rediscovering all sorts of hidden gems in my collection lately! I created this pinky coral lip with the Smashbox megatint in nude and topped it off MAC's viva glam nicki lipglass.

Stay tuned for Friday's video on my channel! I have a Spring makeup collab planned with my friend Christina! I'll be doing a night time Spring look which I'm super excited about because I haven't done any dramatic makeup looks in a while. Christina will be doing a day time Spring look.

xo, m. 



  1. You look really pretty, that pink lipstick suits you very well!

    Jules x

  2. Oh my your lip gloss is stunning. I love how pink it is!! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. Beautiful natural spring makeup! I love the lip gloss, the color is so pretty!:)

  4. You are gorgeous! I'm really loving the blush and how it looks on your skin. It's practically glowing. <3


  5. Well it has been said...but I'll say so again, that lip color is gorgeous!! I wish you'd come do my makeup. Lol. Love the look!

    All the Cute
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  6. Beautiful lip shade & hair color for Spring!

    Happy Monday, Mindy :)

  7. Loving that natural hair and your use of pink, my favorite color :)

    Characters & Carry-ons

  8. Your makeup look is flawless! I've been trying to figure out a better makeup routine cuz I am terrible with makeup!


    1. Thank you so much Sherry! Aww I'm sure thats not true! Watch some makeup tutorials on youtube and practice different looks on yourself. They're tremendously helpful. I'm planning on doing my everyday makeup routine on my channel sometime this week! :) x

  9. Beautiful! I love the lip color!

    All the Cute
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