Winter Is Here

Saturday, January 10, 2015


This should give you a sense of what I'm feeling here in New York -frigidness. It has been unbearably cold over the past week and there has even been a fair amount of snow! Not enough for my liking but enough to make me happy. My friends hate me during the winter months because I'm always wishing and willing it to snow while they're dreading it. I seriously can't wait until our first blizzard of the year. I know, I know I'm slightly sick in the head. The city is just so beautiful when it's covered with a blanket of snow; before it turns into slush. I love snow! Plus I get to prance walk around in my adorable snow boots -that's the real reason why. It's so odd that LA is experiencing a heat wave right now. I've always been a New England gal, can't even imagine what a hot winter is like -so bizarre. 

Anyway, I'm going ga-ga over these outfits! I want every single piece pictured above. I hope these photos gave you some inspiration for your winter wardrobe. It definitely gave me some! I don't know about you but when it's below 20 out, the last thing I'm thinking about is looking cute! Ok I'm lying, I'm thinking about how I'm going to stay warm for all those hours I'll be out while still looking somewhat presentable. God forbid the tracks of the train are frozen and I'm stuck in a freezing subway station overnight. [This actually happened to me back in January 2011 during a blizzard -the most horrific, dreadful, panic-stricken experience of life!] I digress. Back to looking cute -- as long as you keep it simple it'll seem effortless. It's all about layering, that's all it is. When it comes to keeping warm you know what they say, when your head, neck, and feet are warm the rest of you will be too. Hope you all are staying warm or cool wherever you are. 

xo, m. 

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