All Bundled Up

Friday, December 5, 2014


Well, I definitely got what I asked for! I'm loving this brisk weather, I could do without the constant rain every other day but I'll take it over the abnormal 60 degree weather in December. During the colder months I LIVE in this scarf! I've always wanted a chunky knitted scarf but I had such a hard time finding one because when you're looking for something specific; it's no where to be found. When you're not looking, it's everywhere. Does that happen to anyone else? I wasn't picky about the brand/ designer at all, I just wanted a huge chunky scarf. I finally found it while I was perusing SoHo with my boyfriend earlier this year. We must've went to every store and just when I was about to give up we found it at this boutique, Shop Untitled on West 8th. This color might not be available anymore since I got it back in February but I'm sure they'll have some variation of this style. I was actually surprised to find my scarf there because they have nothing but edgy avant-garde pieces. I'm all sorts of obsessed. What's your must-have winter accessory?

xo, m. 

Goorin Bros. fedora // Bickley + Mitchell infinity scarf // Mackage coat // Free People sweater // Rag & Bone jeans // Alexander Wang Rocco // Frye boots // MAC relentlessly red lipstick

Photos by Sheena P.F.
[my dearest friend for the past decade]


  1. That fedora should totally be some sort of icon or logo for you - you pretty much LIVE in it! I absolutely love it on you. I'm actually quite jealous you can pull off hats in general.
    I totally feel you on looking for something and you can never find it...and when you aren't looking it is EVERYWHERE. My must have winter accessories are scarves as well, I just got a black one from a local store and I'm wearing it everywhere that I can.

    1. Haha! I really do!!! Thanks girl :) You can pull it off too!! I used to think my head was way too big for hats and never really gave it a chance until I tried a few.. now I'm obsessed! Turns out I'm a small so my head isn't that big after all! lol They just opened a Goorin store (my fave hat shop) in Philly! That's close to you isn't it? Yesss girl, the struggle! I love scarves!! <3

  2. Omg that scarf is super cute!!! And I love the color of it I have a million scarves but none that color now I know what color to add to my collection lol
    My must have accessory for this season would have to be beanies! Especially on those bad hair days muahaha
    Jk I feel like they just make a huge difference I love slouchy beanies the most!
    Loving your outfit boo! Xoxo oh and your coat!

    1. Thank you love!! I have way too many scarves to count but they're all so different haha! I say the same about my lipsticks lol OMG I have been on the HUNT for a cute slouchy beanie!!! Some of them are too slouchy or just not slouchy enough. :/ I love the ones on your moms IG!! They have the perfect amount of slouch to them!!! You're so lucky your mom is so talented! :) Thanks again love <3