Sunday, November 16, 2014

As you may know, my hair was completely destroyed by a stylist when I went to get my hair done last week. Full story here. Fast forward to Saturday I went to Dop Dop salon for a color correction. I've walked by this salon so many times for yearrrs and I never even knew it was a salon! If you're not looking for it you'd definitely miss it but I love how modest and discreet the exterior is. The lofty interior, high ceiling, exposed brick wall is pretty much my dream apartment so I immediately fell in love with the space. As soon as I walked in I was greeted warmly by the receptionists and Andrea. Everyone was so friendly and nice, I don't know why I was so surprised because thats how you should be treated when you're paying for any type of service.

I showed Andrea the same two photos I've been deciding between and was open to suggestions. After listening to her opinion, I decided to go with the ombré because its way easier to maintain than highlights and I wouldn't have to visit the salon that often. My biggest concern is the way my hair looks when it grows out; I don't want there to be 3 different blocks of color. I've never been able to stay on top of my touch ups. I'm notorious for letting my highlights grow out until I absolutely can't stand it, so an ombré suits my lifestyle much better. Plus when my hair grows out, my roots will grow in really nicely with the rest of my hair. It's going to take a while for me to get used to seeing myself with my hair so dark but change is good.

For reference, this is what we were going for.

Andrea is like a breath of fresh air, seriously like a dream. She listens, she's funny, she jokes around, she exudes confidence and works very much like Brittany. Very calm and collected. Words can't even express my level of anxiety when Rita was doing my hair because she's very antsy like she just had 10 shots of espresso. I always felt nervous when I was in her chair because of how she carried herself. 

I was so comfortable when Andrea was doing my hair I actually fell asleep a few times! I was so tired from the night before so I'm sure that had a little to do with it. That goes to show how much I trusted her with my hair! She explained everything she was going to do step by step before we got started. She went in with a single process to get the orange out then re-foiled my hair and she had to use a gloss plus another treatment to bring my hair back to life. The whole process took 6 hours but I didn't mind one bit because I felt like a priority the whole time I was there even though she had other clients. Whenever I schedule hair appointments I'm smart about it, I never get my hair done on the day of something major. I usually do it a day or a few days before. I make sure my hair is the most important event of the day, that way I'm not rushing and I don't have to put any pressure on my stylist.

Before & After
What a difference!
How Rita even got that (photo on the left) from the photos I showed her is beyond me.

See, THIS was all I wanted. Why was this so hard for her? Because of her carelessness, I had to pay an extra $100 for treatments on top of the cost of the single process and highlights to repair the damage she created. She made me take 10 steps back with my hair. True, I could've went back to the other salon to get everything done for free but honestly, who would? I love the stylist who cuts my hair so I may take them up on their offer for the complimentary haircut because this was way more than I anticipated but since it was necessary I had to suck it up.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with the results. As of now this was the closest we could get to the photo. Andrea was very honest from the beginning she said we wouldn't be able to get that exact color this time but very close. Completely understandable after what my hair has been through. With blondes its always a process to get to the level of blonde you desire. I'm going to wait a few months to give my hair a little break before my next appointment. Andrea is an absolute God send after what I experienced. Dop Dop will definitely be my new salon from now on, I had such a great experience with Andrea. The salon is seriously so legit from their overall aesthetic to their service, music selection, equipment down to the products they use. Thank you, Andrea for all your hard work! You're amazing! Thank you B, for introducing me to Andrea and this hidden SoHo gem.

xo, m. 

source: IG @guy_tang


  1. I love it! I would like to go light but I can't keep up with the root touch ups either. Ombre definitely sounds like the way to go. I really like how it turned out, now its making me want to go to the salon! Lol :) Terri

    1. Thanks girl! :) OMG dooo it!! It'll look amazing on you! Maybe try a honey blonde ombré to see how you like it first. :)

  2. Dude that's a HUGE difference!! Omg I can only imagine how upset I'd be! It looks so much better they brought back life into your hair I love it!!!

    1. Girl you don't even know!! This was such an expensive lesson. I will never ignore my instincts ever again :( Thank you love!! I'm really happy with it too. :) xo