Hair Disaster

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Today was originally supposed to be my big hair reveal because I made an appointment to finally get my hair done yesterday. Little did I know, it was going to turn into the worst hair experience of my life. The salon itself isn't bad.. I've been going to this salon for nearly two years, it's just that one chick that destroyed my hair. This post is going to chronicle my whole experience so it's going to be a tad long. Don't worry there will be photos of course, because whats a hair disaster story without photos?

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, I had coffee with my friend Saudia we walked around a bit and I was even 10 minutes early for my hair appointment. When I walked in no one greeted me, smiled or even acknowledged me. Keep in mind the salon was not busy at all. The stylist that I had an appointment with (let's call her Rita, she looks like a Rita)  was working with a client and there was an assistant washing another clients hair. She was running behind so I had to wait 15 minutes which was completely fine because I didn't have plans until the evening. I finally get into the chair at 3:30 pm and I showed her 2 pictures of a cool toned blonde I really liked. I said, "I really like the tone of this blonde but I don't want my hair to break off or fall out" I think thats the biggest/common fear of anyone going blonde so I always voice my concerns ahead of time. Instead of being empathetic, she said "Well, when you go blonde you're risking the chance of that happening." I've had blonde highlights since 2012 my colorist never ever said that to me nor have I ever experienced any breakage or excessive fall out but I've heard horror stories so I'm extra cautious. I asked her if I should reconsider and she said "No, we can do it."

These were the photos I showed her. 

As we proceed, Rita starts yanking my hair and jerking my head around instead of just simply asking nicely if I could position my head a certain way. This womans personality is as dry as a 90 year old woman's vagina. She didn't really care to talk to me whatsoever which I'm completely fine with. Since the stylist next to us (whom I absolutely ADORE she's been cutting my hair ever since I started going to this salon but she doesn't do color) was such a chatterbox with her client, I guess Rita felt like she had to make a little small talk with me. In her sad attempt at conversing she asked me if it was my first time at the salon. (Insert annoyed emoji face) I said, "I've actually been coming here for almost two years and you did my highlights over the summer." *Snap, snap* She had nothing to say. I wouldn't have been that upset if it weren't for the fact that I've referred 2 of my friends to this salon. Small talk was over from then on, thank God! She kept going on and on about how busy she's been all day and how she doesn't have time to do this and that to my hair. I honestly don't give a shit, sorry not sorry but I really don't. I'm paying $300 to get my hair done, if she couldn't handle that many clients in a day she shouldn't have booked so many. Am I right?

After Rita finished foiling my hair she went downstairs to have lunch while my hair was doing its thing, meanwhile I was starving. I would've grabbed a sandwich from Little Muenster had I known I was going to be there for the rest of the day. She comes up to check on me with her hands AND breath smelling like straight onions, she literally smelled like a walking gyro. I consider myself an extremely reasonable and understanding person, I have no problem with her eating in between, but wash your hands and pop a mint before you touch my hair! How gross can you be?! This is not some rinky dink salon, have some class.

She had FIVE clients after me yes, I was counting. She kept running back and forth, I could tell she was stressed out. She was so adamant about my previous colorist using a base color for my roots even though I knew she didn't. I was only 90% sure though so I was like ok, if you think thats best then go for it. My colorist before Rita never put anything in my hair that made my scalp burn so badly. She's like "oh, it's going to tingle a little by the way that just means its working." When she applied the base/ toner (whatever the hell she used that made my scalp burn) she got it all over my face. She wasn't even trying to be careful in the way she was applying it, she was just slapping it on messily. When she saw me wiping my face she's like "Oh did I get it on you, sorry." Then places the cap on right above my brows. (Why does my forehead need to be covered?) She was purposely being sloppy, I could tell she didn't give a shit and was just rushing the job to get me out of there which pissed me off because I had a lot to be upset about up until this point and I was STILL being so nice to her. I think I handled the situation really well. No attitude, no hissy fit, nothing. I would've been completely justified being a total bitch from the CRAP service she was giving me along with her 'I don't give a fuck about you' attitude.

{Life tip: When your hairstylist is apologizing after EVERY move. GET OUT!

Then the assistant comes over with an alcohol pad and wipes my entire forehead, the tails of my brows and swipes both cheeks removing my makeup in those areas. When I took the pic below I couldn't do anything but laugh at that point. My whole experience was a joke I felt like I was getting Punk'd. I'm not that girl that carries makeup around to touch up so I was pretty much screwed. I bring the lipstick I'm wearing and thats it. Did I mention I had plans with my boyfriend after this?
Look at that happy face! See the redness? Thats from the ALCOHOL PAD she used to rub the toner off my face.

She stuck me under the heater for a few minutes and left the base/ toner on for too long because she was busy with her other clients which turned my roots orange. Then she used another toner to rectify her mistake and stuck me under the heater again. Couldn't fix it. My colorist NEVER EVER stuck me under the heater and my highlights always came out beautifully. I've been watching Guy Tang on youtube so I'm a bit more educated than I used to be when it comes to the whole highlighting process. He says you're supposed to let the product sit and let it work naturally and WATCH your client, not stick them under a heater to speed up the process. Yes, I'm aware every stylist has their own technique but this guy is a hair GOD and his technique is flawless. I'm serious, look him up on instagram and youtube. Clearly Rita doesn't know what the hell she's doing because my roots are ORANGE. Oh and my raccoon eyes are a result of being under the heater for too long along with my orange roots in case you were wondering. 

I was in the chair from 3:30 to 8:45... during the final hour she confessed that she couldn't do any more to fix my hair because the orange wasn't budging. She apologized profusely and promised to give me her full undivided attention tomorrow (which was today) and fix everything. She should've done that to begin with. They offered a huge discount for my color and cut to compensate for wasting my day. They didn't charge me for yesterdays work. She was planning on using bleach on my roots, after she already put all the crap she used on my hair. Is she out of her fucking mind? 

This was literally me when I saw my boyfriend walk into the salon..

She slapped some drippy leave in conditioner in my hair and threw my hair up in a bun and this is how I left the salon. I HAD TO GO TO DINNER WITH MY BOYFRIEND LOOKING LIKE THIS. Whatever this was dripped all over my leather jacket. They are so so lucky it didn't mess up my jacket or I would've went back and raised holy hell. Hair is fixable. A leather jacket thats no longer available is another story.

My hair hasn't looked the same since my colorist moved away. I seriously cried when I found out she was moving to another state because I just KNEW something like this would happen one day if I were to let someone else do my hair plus I really like her as a person. I felt like my friend was moving away. She's awesome and she's an amazing colorist. She's so passionate about what she does and I love people like that. I'm not even being overly dramatic, it really is THAT serious for me. I've been coloring my hair since I was 16. I've been through too many shitty stylists to count. It is extremely hard to find a colorist who really listens and gives you what you want and also cares about the overall integrity of your hair.

I almost feel like its my fault for going back to Rita because I didn't like how my hair turned out the first time when she did it over the summer. Look at my roots! It doesn't even look like I got my hair done. Her color work is absolute shit. She was always very scatterbrained and all over the place every time I would watch her work on other clients. Stupid me, decided to give her a second chance and this is what I get! The bottom turned out fine because she was only adding to what my colorist spent almost two years working on.
July 2014

This is what my hair looked like today. The leave in conditioner did NOTHING. My hair doesn't even feel like hair anymore, it feels like HAY. I can't even brush it. I'm going to have to deep condition the crap out of it until 2016 to get it back to normal or at least semi-normal. You probably don't think it looks that bad (thats what people keep telling me), but in person it's awful.

Needless to say, I didn't go back today. I've lost my faith in that salon and I'm not going to let her further damage my hair more than she already has. The only reason why I'm not mentioning the name of the salon is because, like I said, the salon itself isn't terrible. It's Rita. Girl, stick to what you're good at and don't bite off more than you can chew. Discount or not the aggravation is not worth it. The damage has been done. I'd rather have someone who knows and loves what they do, fix this ratchetness than have them fix it. I've always heard about these hair horror stories, never in a million years did I think I'd have my own to share one day. Anyway, I'm really excited about going to this salon on Mercer for my color correction. There will definitely be a follow up post on my hair next week. I'm so sorry for being away from youtube for so long! As soon as I fix this hair I'm going to start filming again! I've missed you guys!

Since Tuesday, they've left me voicemails and an email apologizing along with a free color correction and haircut. The thought of going back after what I experienced makes me very uneasy. I'm a little bummed because I love the hairstylist who cuts my hair, she's a doll and so much fun. While the offer is quite tempting my gut is telling me to go to another salon. I've ignored my instincts before and look what happened...

[Update 12.8.14 - hopefully the last]
After some serious thought, I responded to their email a week later and expressed interest in their offer for the complimentary haircut. I had to really think about whether or not I wanted to go back to the salon after that awful experience I endured. The manager of the salon has not responded at all. At first I thought she was playing the waiting game because it took me a week to respond but its been weeks since I responded to her email and I haven't heard a word. At this point, it is what it is - water under the bridge. I'm not going to kick, beg and scream for retribution. Clearly they don't care about losing clients or making amends. My whole thing is, don't make offers like that and not follow through. It makes you and your entire establishment look like shit. Anyone who is interested in further details of this awful salon feel free to message me via social media and I'll be more than happy to give you names. 

xo, m.

Name has been changed.
source: IG @guy_tang, @queenxkaye



  1. OMG I am so horrified by your experience! Most of my hair salon appointments have been really bad because most people do not know how to work with naturally curly hair, which is why I have been coloring my own hair in the past year.

    I can't believe she was so rude. How dare she ask if you have been at a salon before, especially when she did your hair over the summer. Bitch, please! You should leave her a yelp review!

    I understand your frustration but all is not lost. Virgin coconut oil can save your hair, I promise. I use it every time I over bleached and every time it brings my hair back to life. Get your hands on a jar ( I love the Trader Joes one) and slather that on your hair everyday! It's very oily but you can wear your hair in a high bun and look cute. I would also avoid shampoo and heat as much as you can, and just use a deep conditioning hair mask once a week.

    I hope you find this helpful!

    Love you girl!


    1. Girl I couldn't believe it as well! You're doing a fab job with your own hair! It's better to do it yourself if you can because you're saving SO much money!

      LOL I know!! I was like is she serious? Apparently thats her opening line for every client though because she asked the girls who came in after me the same thing except they didn't take it as personally as I did because they've only been there once before.

      You're a life saver! <3 Just added it to my list! Do you use the coconut oil during the day or at night or both? If at night, how do you prevent it from getting all over your pillow? I was going to order the Carols Daughter Monoi hair mask also because I've heard amazing things about that stuff! Have you ever used it? I'm DEFINITELY retiring my heating tools for a looooong time because it would be stupid of me not to. You were a huge help! Thx so much!! :) Love YOU!! xo

  2. HORRIBLEEEEEEEE haistylist!!!!! I feel your pain and frustration. And personally, you are too nice, cus now you are paying the ultimate price... sighhh
    I wouldnt go back either, so Ms. Rita can't get a second chance to mess with your hair. Some ppl are just not honest with their abilities.
    Hope the coconut oil helps you out. Cant wait to see your follow up post next week.

    1. :( I didn't want to be mean because she was still in the middle of working on my hair so I didn't want her to mess it up EVEN MORE than she already did. Maybe if I was a little bitchy it would've straightened her out a little. I was able to get an appointment at the other salon sooner than I thought! Getting this fixed tomorrow morning! :D