Friday, October 31, 2014

If you live in NYC, you have to know who Bradley Theodore is unless you're living under a rock. He's a NYC based street artist who paints fashions most influential power figures in skeletal form. His pieces are often displayed on the LES or SoHo occasionally Williamsburg. I discovered his work earlier this year and have been diligently following it ever since. If you live in NYC or plan on visiting, make it a point to head downtown to see his work. It is striking in person. I PROMISE, you will not be disappointed. The spontaneity in bumping into his work on while I'm strolling around the neighborhood with my boyfriend is thrilling. Instead of doing a plain ol' skeleton or sugar skull this year I decided to recreate Bradley Theodore's Kate Moss & Cara Delevingne painting. Below is the inspiration, also one of his latest. 
Source: IG @BradleyTheodore
Happy Halloween!!!

Is it just me or is Halloween much more fun when you're an adult? I never got to celebrate when I was younger because my very traditional Asian mother thought people would give out poisonous or expired candy to children or kidnap my brother and I, so we were never allowed to go trick or treating like normal kids. When I got to dress up for school, my "Halloween costume" was always some lame mask from the drugstore. I'm talking about the cheap plastic ones with the elastic back, not the cool ones they have nowadays. I remember I was Bart Simpson one year... Ohh memories!

If you're still undecided on what to dress up as tonight, these are excellent options to consider! (Bride of Frankenstein, a pop art comic girl, a vampire or Bradley Theodore's Kate & Cara painting) They're all fairly simple and took about an hour or so to create. Less if you're not a perfectionist. Hence why I chose them! All except the Bride of Frankenstein! I swear, I felt like she was going to be the death of me. I wasn't happy with how it turned out bc I wanted the scar to really pop and it just wasn't happening. The photos above were my second attempt and I forgot the bolts but I still wanted to show you guys anyway. All of the looks were created with regular eyeshadow palettes I already own, no fancy Halloween makeup. Boy did that Urban Decay Electric palette come in handy! Sadly, I couldn't edit any tutorials in time for Halloween but I figured a few photos would be better than nothing. I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. What are you guys dressing up as?

Be safe! A lot of crazies are going to be out tonight! Ahhh! I sound like my mother.

xo, m.


  1. I was an emo girl and I marched the parade. It totally last minute and spontaneous though. I would love to watch your tutorial on the pop art- I hope you will make a tutorial. I love Roy Lichtenstein.

    1. Ooo fun! I've always wanted to go to the parade but the thought of all those people gives me anxiety. Hope you had fun! I love Roy Lichtenstein too! I did a whole project on him and the pop art era when I was in school. Aww thx girl, I'll definitely film one next year!